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University of California UC Riverside

UC 리버사이드의 개요
UC 리버사이드 소개
리버사이드와 UC 리버사이드의 캠퍼스
학부의 학생 구성
학비와 TOP5 인기전공
UC 리버사이드의 신입생 입학지원
UC 리버사이드 편입

UC Riverside Campus Tour

A group of students take viewers on a video tour of University of California, Riverside, located in sunny Southern California. Enjoy a quick overview of some of UC Riverside’s academic programs, student organizations, facilities, and campus life.
Changming Lai : I am confused why I received a text to watch this...
Auspicious Ali : I hope I get accepted! :)
E Herbooo : 0:58 who that?... I needa @
ellie h : this campus looks so cute and this vid was really well filmed :) i kinda wanna go here! my only criticism is the dance at 0:14 --idk what happened there haha
Chaeun Han : I thought they got rid of Graduation

2021 UCR Virtual Commencement Ceremony - School of Business

2021 UCR Virtual Commencement Ceremony School of Business
poison4gc : Congratulations to all the graduates!
Moi : Congrats to Heung Min Son (Jason Chuang) coming all the way from tottenham football club to pursue his true dreams of business administration !!!




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