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How to service an automatic watch ETA 2824 Watch repair tutorial

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How I strip down and re-assemble an ETA 2824 automatic watch movement.


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berlewi : Incredible!! However I won’t be trying this either! Many thanks for this amazing video!
Rik Defauwes : Thank you for showing me why automatic watch maintenance is relatively costly. Very labor intensive.
Mcs Mvideo : very nice video
Robert Turpin : I’m a little confused about oiling. In other videos, I think I’ve seen you use an automatic oiler on the entry side of the jewels. In this video you’re using a regular oiler on the back side. Can it be done either way? If you oil the backside, is there a hole in the jewel so the oil can make its way to where the pivot rests?
Hactu : Hi, do you know the precision of the machine? I mean -+ seconds day?

Swiss ETA 2824-2 watch movement repair (Assembly tutorial, guide, manual)


In this video, you can experience the disassembly and assembly of the Swiss eta 2824-2 movement.

You will know the sequence of disassembly and assembly of the movement and what oil should be applied.

Thank you :)
Marius R. : Hello, I have a watch with a Selita SW200-1 that I dropped, everything seems fine, it is still precise and exact, however if before the date was changing at 00, now it does it at 00:06, and sometimes 00 : 05. Do you know what could be happening?

Happy New Year.
sol star : I have a Hamilton 694-a that I can’t get repaired anymore due to lack of repair parts and I don’t want a newer watch from Hamilton for 30%off retail ! Would the ETA - 2824/ movement be a good replacement for the Hamilton non working movement? I’m located in the Texas, USA what would be the Approximate time frame and cost ?
Coconut Joe : Please list your email info in the "ABOUT" section so that viewers who need your service can contact you.
RYENZRO : I have a few pieces id like to have serviced. How can I contact you?
cashmear. : awesome video

Watch This Video Before Buying A ETA 2824 or Sellita sw200 Watch ( Winding Issue and fix 2021 !)

Yes it seems that ETA 2824/Sellita sw200 and some other 2824 copies. Basically a gear within the movement (Ratchet wheel) seems to, over time, get teeth damage due to hand winding the movement. This can end up very bad if not sorted out. In this video i show the issue and how to fix it. Sit back and have a watch :)

PS I know it's Glycine not Glycerine. Get a word stuck in my head and don't rearlise what i'm saying until it's done ;)

Tom Kowalczuk : I think Mark from Islander Watches made video about it. Those movements aren't designed as manual winding or very very little of it.
Darren Lathrope : Thank you for the very informative video
SaleenDriver : Great video. Not a DIY thing for me of course. But I can share the video with a watchmaker if they need it.
Alias Anybody : I don't understand what they were thinking with this. "It's not supposed to be hand-wound that much" is a terrible, terrible excuse. Imagine someone built a hybrid car but if you actually use the combustion engine the whole thing is expected to break down after two years.

The difference is the gear material, right? I think the Seiko 4r/NH, Miyota 4000 and Tongji all use steel gears while the 2824 and clones use brass?
Biff Lee : Sorry but glycerine it's a good song. Glycine is the watch brand




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