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Outdoor Equipment | Navigate with the Suunto Ambit2 GPS Watch

In this video we show how we use the Suunto Ambit2 to navigate in the forest during our hike! We focus on how to use the GPS to track our movements and finding our way back. During the hike we also found a big peace of Chaga, what a bonus :)

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Thank you for the music Ben!
Vencarter : 6:30 myst3rius dOgGoo appears out of nowhere
craik : every time you show us that map I feel a Bear will come out from the woods half way into the path
Seth James DeMoor : Can you do you LIVE tracking with Suunto Ambit Peak 3? So other people can follow along as you do a long long run?
Tim Hefty : I assume the navigation could be used for driving too?
Gheorghe Falcaru : Super

Neu: Suunto Ambit2 Sportuhr mit GPS-Funktion

Das Nachfolgemodell der Multifunktionsuhr Ambit stellte Suunto nun auf der OutDoor Messe 2013 vor: die Suunto Ambit2 mit Höhenmesser, Barometer, GPS-Funtion uvm.
Rex Sayson : I had this watch for a couple of weeks now and I am impressed. I had the Garmin 910XT before that one and I can easily say, there is no comparison
here is the link to it in case anyone is\19H6aYM

SUUNTO AMBIT2 REVIEW - (Ambit2, Ambit2s, Ambit2 Sapphire, Garmin Fenix) - Review


So i've been rocking the Ambit2 for a few months now in hopes of getting a good idea of how this watch compares to not only the original Ambit but also the Garmin Fenix. After a number of issues with the Garmin Fenix dropping signal, restarting and failing despite plenty of battery life, I knew it was time to switch to another watch.

Now remember, this watch is primarily for adventure runners, ultra runners, explorers, long-distance hikers and the like. If you are running a majority on roads, I'd recommend sticking with a road-specific model (seeing as this is so expensive and loaded with tons of mountain-specific features). But the Ambit2 features some nifty new multi-sport tracking tools for you triathletes.

Enjoy the review above and if you have any specific questions about the Ambit2, leave me a comment and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks and be sure to share!

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This product was provided by . All opinions are my own.
Clint Bortell : The "nub", while you may prefer it to be on the other side of the watch, is on the best side for GPS reception. With it to the inside of your wrist, it's almost always pointing to the sky.
Chris Mowforth : Having had a couple of suunto's- the straps are replaceable, but if yours breaks after they discontinue it, expect to have to eventually source some shop in Japan / Mongolia / wherever which charges 60 bucks for the strap, 40+ bucks for shipping, and then you decide it's less hassle to watch a review for an Ambit 2, then go buy one :/ These guys are like drug dealers... but it's such a good drug!
Travis Dale : Hi I would love to know if there is a APP for tide times in any of the SUUNTO..... as I run , hike and fish deep water in a kayak ?
Cesar Fernandez : ur great.. thx for ur reviews.. i decide what to buy just looking ur vids (probably thats not a smart thing to do)
spoonlamp : Thumbs up because tache




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